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Your Land - Your Soil

For Organic and conventional, Land treatment, growth, defense and yield enhancement.
We make soil treatment fertilizers based on our customers input: their soil, their weather, their crops and rotation strategy, their water cycles. Only then do we mix our nano-based natural - and organic based solutions send for testing on part of your soil for comparison. Each fertilizer blend is different for each soil type and climate. We custom formulate products on crops, soil type and climate. Proentek is the U.S. factory certified representative of the Everstrong brands that are based on nano-technology.

What Everstrong Fertilizers offer:

  • Our Everstrong Enhanced products are chemical free and biologically enhanced.
  • Improve overall health and immunity of all crops.
  • Increase organic matter in soil.
  • Improve moisture retention in soil for longer time depending on the soil conditions.
  • We blend custom formulations & treatments for your specific soil types and crops to your test.
  • Advises and consult on organic and conventional crop certifications.

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