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Self-Priming Nano-Engineered EPoxy

Producing next generation coating products to fully protect industrial surfaces from corrosion and environmental assaults

Proprietary Nanotechnology

  • Proprietary nano drivers fuse
  • NANO POXY with the substrate
  • Nano scale bonds in NANO POXY are stronger and more complete than all other advanced coatings and epoxies tested to date
  • Particle sizes as small as 20 30 nm results in extremely tight cross link bonding to the microscopic fissures and profile of the substrate, resulting in industry leading bond strengths
  • Extreme bonding properties result in superior corrosion protection for steel

Proprietary Nano Bonding Technology

  • NANO POXY’s nano scale bonding is stronger and more complete than all other products tested at the NC State Constructed Facilities Lab (CFL)
  • Independent testing at NC State CFL pull off strengths of 4,000 psi
  • No test samples to date have resulted in adhesion separation of NANO POXY from steel or concrete, with pull off resulting only from cohesion separation or from adhesive release

Nano-Poxy Advantages

  • Extremely Small Particles true nano scale particles provide superior bonding with substrate, improving corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Extreme Surface Tolerance nano scale bonding significantly improves adherence to poorly prepared substrates damp, tight rust and salt spray
  • Extremely Fast Less prep, no primer, single coat for most applications
  • Extremely Easy to Mix 1:1 mixing ratio with Part A and Part B simplifies mixing, and easily mixed with a power drill in 5 gallon pails
  • Extremely Easy to Apply brush or roll applied or sprayed with a pot life up to 1 1/2 hour, easy to mix, superior spraying properties with less odor
  • Extremely Complete Curing cures more completely than other advanced coatings allowing quicker recoating times and much faster return to service
  • Extremely Low VOC up to 1/6 th the level of other leading epoxies


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