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Introducing Proentek Energy Development Company LLC

Proentek Energy Development Company LLC

Proentek Energy Development Company, hereinafter referred to as “Proentek”, was formed as a Limited Liability Company in September 2017 in Houston, TX by Juan Malave – President & CEO of Proentek, LLC and Jason Jimenez CEO of Redstone Business Holdings LLC in response to the following market conditions: There is currently a limited capacity for fuel storage in Mexico and there are tremendous opportunities to serve the energy market, specifically for the storage of hydrocarbons, utilizing a tank storage facility. With the deregulation of PEMEX, who was the national state-owned provider of fuel and fuel storage, there is now a need for private companies to enter the market promoting efficient infrastructure and distribution as well as sound financial methods and pricing in these overlooked and underserved markets.

Our plan is to build a state of the art storage tank facility in Veracruz, Mexico with a capacity of 1 million barrels which will be fully operational within 19 months from receiving investment capital. It is our goal to serve neglected small to midsize businesses that are currently not able to purchase fuel storage or are not able to purchase enough capacity for their business.

We have several customers (i.e. fuel distributors and end users) who are willing to enter into ongoing storage agreements within one (1) year after construction of the facility as evidenced by Letters of Intent. These initial customers will lease the total capacity of the facility of 1 million barrels per month. By the nature of the business, we expect that our customers will engage with us long term with renewable agreements. Besides serving the market of small to midsize businesses, it would also be possible to lease about 80% of the proposed capacity to PEMEX.

Our management team has extensive experience in this industry as well in the sale and distribution of fuel. This gives our team insight and a competitive advantage in bringing this project to the market. Management’s credentials and resumes are detailed in the business plan. We have also engaged with CB&I as our EPC contractor. They bring a high level of sophistication and significant knowledge as well as experience in order to deliver this project to completion.

Proentek has already identified several avenues and sources to acquire funding. However, in order to execute our plan in completion, we will need investment from private individuals and/or companies. A minimum of $197 million is being raised which will be used to finance working capital, construction costs and equipment for a facility with a capacity of 1 million barrels. The company will be run as a corporation with equity being offered for commensurate investment.

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